Finding Nari’s Thrifted Style with Dina



Nari is not a thrifter. Thrift shopping has left her feeling overwhelmed in the past to where she truly believed she could never find what she was looking for. When she asked me to help her thrift shop for back-to-school clothing, I was elated! Since she’s going back to school, I kept in mind the back-to-school campus tips I shared here.  I looked for comfy layering pieces, blazers, basic tops, accessories, and fun colors and prints to add a little spice to a simple look.




I shopped for an hour before Nari arrived at the Goodwill in Kent. I found a basic black long-sleeve tee that she can layer with practically anything. Here, we paired it with a draped cardigan. We both loved the $1.50 mint pashmina scarf that can really elevate a simple look for Nari on campus.




Nari has had her eye on vests for some time and almost bought one last week from a department store at full price when I told her to hold off and wait to see if we can find one at Goodwill. We found a cozy wool vintage vest that she loved for layering. At $3.50, it was over 95% off what she would have paid at another store.




Blazers are great alternatives for cardigans and are both stylish and practical. We found a vintage wool blazer that Nari can wear with basic tops this fall and winter to campus. Here, we paired it with an extremely versatile leopard print top.




One of Nari’s favorite finds of the day was a $3.50 floral peasant top from Target, brand new with the original tags attached. Another incredible and favorite find was a down filled Eddie Bauer outerwear vest for $6. Nari already has plans to wear it both on campus and on her walks at the park this fall.




Because I love one of a kind pieces, and because I knew her favorite color is purple, I included a beautiful vintage, back-pleated top to Nari’s collection. It looked great with a statement necklace.




The fact that we were able to find pieces that Nari loved well below her budget left Nari excited about thrifting. I never thought I’d hear her say “this is fun!” about thrifting and I couldn’t believe my ears when she suggested we look around some more after the session. This is coming from a person who dreaded the idea of being in a thrift store any longer than she needed to. I think it’s safe to say Nari has been converted and will be coming back for more!

We stayed well below Nari’s $50 budget. After in-store discounts and a 20% off coupon, she spent $35 on 11 pieces! 

  • Charlotte Russe leopard print sweater; $4.50
  • Old Navy floral print button down; $4.50
  • Maurices’ draped cardigan; $4.50
  • Eddie Bauer down vest; $6
  • Vintage back-pleated top $4.50
  • Target floral print peasant top, new with tags; $4.50
  • H&M light sweater; $4.50
  • Vintage sweater vest; $3.50
  • Pashmina scarf; $1.50
  • Vintage wool blazer; $6
  • Black basic long-sleeve tee; $4.50

Nari is the perfect example of someone who could benefit from personal thrift shopping sessions because although she loves a good deal and the idea of thrift shopping, she just needed someone to help steer her in the right direction, someone to help her find what she was looking for. If this sounds like you, be sure to watch for upcoming thrifting 101 workshops to learn how to navigate a thrift store and find what you’re looking for.


Happy Thrifting!