Four Build Your Own Costume Ideas For Kids

Calling all thrifty shoppers!

Halloween is just days away. Do your little ghosts and goblins have their costumes planned out yet?

If not, save your fright for Halloween night because Goodwill has plenty of clothes to style together for fun and creative costume ideas — and all at a wickedly low cost!

In my last blog post I highlighted several kid’s costumes that you can buy straight from the rack. But for those kids who want to bring a more creative element to their costumes, you can walk down the aisles and creatively put coordinates together to make your own interpretation of your kid’s favorite Halloween ghoul or character.

Disney’s Descendants emerged last summer and are still hot for Halloween.

I had so much fun putting “Mal”and “Evie’s” looks together. I simply pulled out each of their main color element (purple for Mal and blue for Evie) and paired it with comfortable street wear. I knew I succeeded when my 7-year old called out the name of each costume without me even revealing it!




For boys or girls, I thought it would be cute and quirky to put a safari costume together.  Goodwill never has a shortage of boys khakis so I grabbed a pair of khaki cargo shorts and a neutral button-up and layered it over the perfect graphic tee, then topped off the look with a wild-looking safari style party hat. Hey, it’s Halloween and if you want to get away with wearing a silly hat, now’s the time! To help finish off the look, I would suggest tying any color bandanna around the neck and throw on a pair of rugged style work boots.




How about creating a bit of a spookier costume? Check out my version of a black magic voodoo man. I simply took a pair of black track pants with a side stripe on the outer legs and paired them with a long sleeved “tuxedo” tee and wide rimmed velvet top hat. To amp-up the costume for a frightful look, use face paint to draw a skeleton mask onto the face. Your kid will surely spook out the neighborhood with this simple, yet thorough costume. With only three items and a bit of creative face paint, this costume is complete!




Now, if you rather go for a less spooky style costume, try searching for a traditional looking top hat and tuxedo jacket (preferably with tails) to transform this look into a magician costume. The possibilities are endless!

So, my thrifties…fear not because your local Goodwill stores are loaded with endless costume possibilities this Halloween season.

Whether you grab an already made costume from one of our costume racks or thrift together your own idea, your little ones will be trick-or-treating in style!

Remember, keep costume shopping fun. Keep it creative. And keep it thrifty!

Happy Halloween!