Halloween Photo Collage & DIY Costumes

I don’t normally decorate our house for holidays like Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, 4th of July and Halloween. Unless you consider setting out a bowl of candy corn decorating. But I did get a little crazy this year and created a Halloween costume picture collage to go inside this brand new Threshold (Target) frame that I found at Goodwill Northfield for $6.99.


TargetThresholdFrame-GoodwillHalloween Collage GridTargetThresholdFrame-Goodwill_Pics


I put the photo collage together using Adobe InDesign, but you could also use a free online collage maker like PicMonkey.




Going through these old pictures reminded me that several of their costumes were made using stuff we bought from Goodwill!


This was my first year attempting to make their costumes. I don’t have any sewing skills so I knew I’d be doing a lot of cutting, gluing and painting. Batman’s mask was made using an adult-sized black winter hat. I just cut holes for the eyes and knotted off the two ears. The capes were made using large t-shirts and felt. I simply cut out the back of the t-shirt while leaving the band around the neck then applied the superhero logo with felt. And for Robin’s shirt I used felt and paint to make the design. My favorite piece of Robin’s costume is the red velvet bloomers I found at Goodwill.





In addition to what we already owned, I only had to buy red pants and a black long-sleeve shirt. To complete their look all I did was paint the logos on their shirts and applied duct tape on their pants, sleeves and waistbands.






I bit off more than I could chew on this one–you wouldn’t believe how hard it was to find green pants at the thrift store! It came down to the wire, but I found green pants for everyone, along with green sweatshirts, and yellow t-shirts. For the masks I simply cut up some kid-sized t-shirts that I had found in blue, red, purple and orange. My absolute favorite part of these costumes were the seat cushions turned turtle shells! I found these at Goodwill Kent just a few days before Halloween. To see the full post on these TMNT costumes, click here.




Happy Thrifting & Happy Halloween!


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