How to Elevate Your Spring Home Décor with Greenery this Spring

Author: Felicia Czochanski

The countdown has begun for when the sun will start to set later than five and you won’t need to bundle up in half a closet full of layers to go outside for a quick walk. Slowly but surely spring is on its way! In anticipation, traditions like closet cleanouts are starting to become top of mind again as we start pining for warm weather outfits and days spent outside. While starting to think about a wardrobe revamp is important this time of year – since lots of great out of season clothes can be found at Goodwill – something to do in the moment to brighten up your home in preparation for spring is elevating your home décor in creative ways with green plants.

Greenery – whether real or fake – can bring many benefits to your home. Did you know indoor plants are known to improve your mood and reduce stress and fatigue? These are some of the struggles that many of us deal with on a day-to-day basis, especially in a COVID-world, and having a green leafy support system could be one way to mitigate those feelings and make room for more energy and positivity in your life. If you think about some of the more relaxing interior spaces you’ve been to or seen online, what comes to mind could most likely be a clean, organized minimalist space with lots of plants.

Wondering how to turn your current space into something more relaxing? Check out some real-life home décor inspiration from Goodwill shoppers below!

Photo: @homebyjulianne

1. Repurposed Vase + Center Piece

I love DIY videos from crafty Goodwill shoppers! If you click on the link under the image above, you’ll see how this thrifty shopper repainted the vase to fit her living room style and create a beautiful green centerpiece for her table. In this instance, greenery not only provides that relaxing element to the room, but it also is a bright spot in an otherwise minimalist home – it ties the décor together while adding a pop of color.

Photo: @allisonjnaylor

2. Romantic Vibes… and Vines

With the right accessories, minimalist home décor can often lend itself to a more romantic vibe. I love the idea of putting together a statement shelf like the one above – with an assortment of decorative items that are there from more of a feel-good perspective. The roses with the wedding photo are just beautiful – but the vines are more evergreen and can be there year-round with the right watering regimen. How would you personalize something like this for your own home? Stop by the home goods section of your local Goodwill for more inspiration!

Photo: @interior.beauty_

3. Boho Chic

This living room would definitely be my happy place. I love color – especially when it’s brought together by a big stack of books and a beautiful plant that adds some character to the space. What I love about this vibe is that even though it might be brighter and more crowded color-wise than the other examples in this article, it still is minimalist in the sense that everything has its place. Including a plant in center stage, reminding everyone to take a breath of fresh air every time they walk into the room.