How to Make a Thrifted Belt Work for You

Have you ever bought a super cute vintage belt at the thrift store because it was 50 cents and then get it home and realize its way too big or it doesn’t have enough holes to style it over top of that cute vintage dress you also scored?


So today I’m sharing 3 tips on how to make a thrift store belt work for you!

#1: Invest $7 in this handy dandy belt hole punch!

This thing is AWESOME!

I remember when I was a teenager at home it would be Sunday morning and I needed a new hole punched in my belt to wear with my outfit for church- my mom would take this super scary pointy fork thing out of the utensil drawer in the kitchen and stab the belt to make a new hole for me (LOL- true story guys). No need to scare the children with this cool tool though! For the cost of a sub at subway you can make unlimited hole punches of any size!! Do you feel powerful? You should!

I actually needed to use this right before our Fashion Meetup at blue / A Goodwill Boutique / in May and I snapped a few pictures as I did it because I thought it’d make a good blog post. I was successful on my first try using this so it’s not difficult at all!

Make a mark on the back side of the belt where you want the new hole to be:

Figure out which size punch you need based on the other holes in the belt and rotate if necessary:



#2: Belt Loopy to the rescue!

For belts  that are too long and don’t look right tucked or wrapped, try a belt loopy! This 4-pack comes in all the basic colors and they are reusable!

BONUS: You can also use these on purse straps!!

#3: Use a clear hair tie on belts that are odd colors:

Genius right?!

I used a black one on this belt because it was too skinny for the belt loopy to wrap around, worked great!

I hope this helps you put to use that belt you never wear, or opens up a lot more options when you’re at goodwill shopping for a new belt!

Thanks for reading!

XOXO -Taylor