Items to Remove from your closet NOW

As I transition my own closet into yet another season, I need to be reminded that my somewhat-hoarding tendencies need to be kept in check. Every garment, every item for that matter holds in us a memory or hold the purpose of some sort. I want to help you refresh your wardrobe as we (in Ohio) near those colder months. Now is the time that you are going to want to put on multiple layers and you want to make sure your pairing the right things and with an organized closet…you’re one step closer to easily making great fashion choices.

So… come along on this magical fashion journey and we will “Fall into fashion” as we winterize our wardrobe. We will de-clutter and put only amazing things into our closets and into our lives. The following is a small list of items in your wardrobe for you to consider giving away or donating. Clear the space in your closet and drop these well-loved items off at your nearest Goodwill stores, consignment boutique or donation shelter!

Here’s the list:

Shirts or garments that have holes or are damaged in some way

Unless you have an actual tailor and will do the effort to get clothing fixed, it’s time to say bye-bye. I will say, however that it may be a good time to finally hire someone who can mend small tears or buttons because it will reduce waste and you will be able to keep your favorites over time. So, make the decision now to either hire help or toss it! Admit it, you’re thinking of a handful of pieces that can move along!

Any item that recalls a memory that was not-so-great!

Or maybe someone that was not-so-great. Come on, think about that #sweater that you wore on that one date with that one ex. The ex is gone but the lovable sweater still makes an appearance. Sometimes we hang onto #clothing because it “takes us back” when we we see it. I challenge you to really edit each piece you have and if an item brings back a not-so-great memory…to consider donating.

Items you have been pictured in 5 times or more

A part of me would really like this rule to limit an outfit being “pictured 3 times” but I’ll be a little lenient here. Ponder those pictures you have on #Facebook and if the same outfit keeps coming up, it’s time for you to refresh your look and reach for something new in your #wardrobe. With my clients, I stress trying a new color just to change things up a bit. Consider a consultation with a beauty stylist to learn if your skin has warm or cold undertones, as this will help with coordinating colors that will make your skin and features pop!

Clothing that does not fit.

This is a BIG one for me (pun intended). I tend to hang on to items that are either too too big for me or clothing that I will fit “into” someday. I want for you to take a moment, and picture your best self: what does your healthiest-self look like? How does your healthiest-happy-self dress? If there are pieces in your wardrobe that your healthiest, best self would not wear…it’s time to get rid of it. Surround yourself with items that your future amazing self will wear!

Lastly, I want you just to reflect on how you would like to feel when you get dressed and ready for the day each morning. Do you want to feel innovative and creative while you pick out pieces that you love to wear every day? If so, purge those above items. Our closets and clothes are designed to make us as humans feel and look our best. It’s time to filter what is no longer serving us.

If your items have monetary value, take them to your nearest consignment store. In the Akron/Cleveland area, I recommend Gerri’s Closet, Encore Resale Fashions and for your super upscale items try Cleveland Consignment. If you are just ready to de-clutter and give your pre-loved fashion to another deserving person, drop them off at your local Goodwill store or Drop-off Destination.