New Color Moods for Winter 2019!

We have an open window to develop healthy habits, set goals to try new approaches. This can be with a relationship with a family member or the clothes on our backs. Really! Small changes can bring new growth and both can be equally as satisfying. You’ll be sure to learn more about yourself and the other person.

I like to revamp and reestablish my goals each Fall. With summer behind us, you may have a little more alone time than you did in to think and do some planning. Or, your diving headfirst into your plans with the upcoming holidays. Either way, I hope you take some time for yourself to meditate on what is important to you.

I’ve yet to dive into my wardrobe and make the big flip – taking out my summer pieces and replacing them with big puffy sweaters, jeans, and boots. I’ll be doing that here soon, in fact, probably by the time, this blog is published. I love to shop in my closet and bring out pieces that I forgot about! And what’s cool is I often figure out new ways to wear them.

My style goal for this winter is C O L O R! In winters past I’ve easily fallen in the habit of wearing black, grey …and more black. Last winter I intentionally wore black every day because I needed to simplify my life. I was going through a lot of changes and challenges. So I decided to simplify where I could and the easiest thing I could do was simplify was my morning routine. Therefore, an all-black wardrobe was the trick. It was my uniform and I didn’t have to think too much about it. If you recall this was me last winter:

Switcher-roo this winter!! Anna Wintour has inspired my new style goals.  – “When Wintour is asked how to spice up an all-black outfit, she’s quick to respond, “Just don’t wear all black.” She adds, “It seems too gloomy, as if one’s going to a funeral.” But she does offer up suggestions for those among us who insist on wearing all black from time to time. She advises one to think about “adding some color or favorite piece of jewelry or maybe white boots. Just something that’s a little bit unexpected.” – {from, Allyson Payer}

I’ll always be partial to all black but there’s a side to me that I’m eager to express with color. I’m ready for the challenge and interested in seeing how it changes my perception of dressing. I’ve done some research on how color affects your mood, enhance interaction and responses from your peers, sparks creativity, and enhance your complexion. I’ll gladly subscribe to ALL of them. Especially enhancing my complexion because vainly, who doesn’t want their complexion to appear brighter, lol.

Here’re 3 Color Moods I’m obsessed with for Winter. When I shop I’m going to do my very darndest steer clear on the “gloomy” color black and bring some complexion lifting color into my wardrobe. Here’s hoping! It may be a hard habit to break.

Can you do the same? I would adore hearing what your color secrets are. What are your tips for adding color combinations in your wardrobe?

With so much love,
Megan xo 

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