New Use for a Thrifted Cutlery Basket


This month I am focusing my attention on de-cluttering and organizing so that we can clear our minds and home of “mess stress” as we enter into a new year.

The more excess stuff we can get rid of, the less messes there will be. I dream of clutter-free countertops, a stairwell without piles creeping their way up each step, a closet filled with only the clothes I actually wear, and cabinets that are so organized I could remove the doors and expose them to the world.

Big dreams are reached with little steps. So today I tackle the medicine cabinet with the help of this cutlery basket I picked up from the Goodwill location on Waterloo.




I customized the basket by wrapping red yarn through the wire grid to create the symbolic “red cross.”




I filled the basket with all the kid’s medical necessities; rubbing alchohol, cough syrup, motrin, and of course Teenage Mutant  Ninja Turtle band-aids.




And now my medicine cabinet is exactly the way I wanted it – clutter-free and organized!




Happy Thrifting,


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