New Uses for a Thrifted Hanging Basket



Next time you see one of these tiered hanging baskets on the shelf at Goodwill you may not want to pass it up. For just a few bucks you’ve got yourself a gem of a storage piece!




I use four of these to store craft supplies like yarn, string, ribbon, and of course pom pom trim. What makes it so useful is that I can see everything at a quick glance as opposed to digging through a box or drawer. My craft area is in our basement so I simply hang them from the exposed rafters.




Not a crafter? How about using it for your kid’s toys! Fill it with blocks, cars, balls, figurines, dolls, or stuffed animals and then hang it from a low bar in their closet for easy access. You could also use it to store bath toys by hanging it from the shower curtain rod. Perfect way for the toys to drip dry!




How about all of our accessories? I have a chest of drawers exploding with belts, scarves and wallets. If you’re like me, 90% of the stuff rarely gets used. Rather than always digging through the drawers, place your key pieces in the basket and have it hanging from a rod in your closet for quick and easy access.




Having overnight guests? Fill the baskets with travel-sized toiletries, a roll of toilet paper, rags and towels, then hang it from the towel bar or the shower curtain rod.

Happy Thrifting,


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