So, Tie-Dye is Back!

It just dawned on me! Does the the Grateful Dead’s, Dead and Company Tour, provide any compliments to the blossoming popularity of this colorful summer trend. I might be onto something! We haven’t seen this print go mainstream in awhile. I was in high school when it’s last seen its popularity and that was, well…awhile ago.

Some readers here may be on their third round of seeing this magical trend. Let’s all Peace – Love – and Thrift Fashion. Especially tie-dye! If the kids are doing it, so can we, right!?

My style challenge for you is to explore this print with a refined approach. Think –  elegance, sophistication and composure.  The tie-dye culture represents none of those things…lol! ALL the more reason I want to explore this print and how I can bring it into my wardrobe, with loving memories of the past, and fashion forward style for now! 

Here’s some ways to wear your tie-dye for an ultra-hip look that won’t leave you feeling square.

1. wear a tie-dye shirt under a black blazer and watch the color pop!

2. tie-dye hoodies on the weekend, why not! 

3. wear your tie-dye with dark skinny jean, a pair of neutral pumps and an elegant necklace. You, my friend, are a statement! 

Megan Dyer
The Style Counsel, LLC