Statement Pieces

So you guys know I teeter back and forth with exploring fashion that is minimalist and maximalist. This leaves even myself confused in choosing the direction that I want to dress.

I suppose there are far more difficulties in life. There are the daily routines in our lives that so often bring us moments of joy, but let’s be honest, can be boring, mundane and unfulfilling. Not all days, but some. 

Having Statement Pieces in your wardrobe can break the mundane cycle. It helps you grow your creative muscle and can save you time and money.

Here’s how.

First, money. If you choose pieces that have a unique design and architectural features you can pair these pieces with your “staple” items. So, the base of your wardrobe is simple and minimalist, but you have a handful of rockstar pieces you can pair with almost anything! For the most, part you’re buying basics for your wardrobe and adding items that make your wardrobe unique and creative.

When you choose to wear staple pieces, it shows your spirit and your confidence. It provides you with an opportunity to make a creative call within the context of your aesthetic, and maybe flex your limits.

Here are a few elements when choosing a Statement Piece:

Is there a unique cut to the garment. 

Is it tailored well to your body? 

Does your piece have a unique finish such metallic, heavy wool or leather?

If there is a pattern, is it timeless, creative and balanced?

Does it make you feel something?

There’s a vlogger in California I follow and adore her style! Her name is B.Jones Style on YouTube if you’d like to check her out. I recommend it! She’s an avid thrifter and her style philosophy is “everyday is dress up“. 

It’s the most simple thing to consider: how can we embrace each day as a unique opportunity to express our style? Secondly, how can we evolve, grow and challenge ourselves to try NEW styles, without fear or worry about what others will notice? B.Jones has provided me with a ton of inspiration in this department.

When is comes to statement pieces, truly, if people notice and you make them smile, then you’re smiling all the way home too!  Check out my latest addition to the blue Boutique where I have an entire rack dedicated to, you guessed it, S T A T E M E N T pieces! 

With so much love,