Stuck in a rut? How to be your own Stylist

Although I take some snazzy pictures and include a few hashtags, I struggle with fashion inspiration at times. I know first hand it can be overwhelming as fashion and trends are constantly changing. Below are examples of places I turn to get inspiration or ideas on what to wear each and every day! My hope is for you to be your own stylist and pull inspiration from the places all around you! Still stuck? I can totally help– just email me here:

Search online!

Whether it be Safari, Google or on Pinterest, images can be the most inspiring when it comes to needing ideas. I always start with a piece of clothing or an accessory that I know for sure I want to wear and then I build on it. Let’s say for example you have a pair of leopard booties (which is UBER in right now) and you haven’t a clue on what to wear with it. Well, simply put “leopard booties outfit” into your search bar and you will come up with a whole array of options. Here’s what came up when I did just that into Google:

Building from what you already know you want to wear is a GREAT rule of thumb because learning to “just go with it” in fashion can save you time and frustration. Pretending that there’s no “erase” option when it comes to putting outfits together can help you make decisions and move on!

Get Style in Your Inbox/ Mailbox

With my experience in working with several boutiques, shops etc…I notice that magazines are still a source of knowledge and insight into the fashion world. Magazines like InStyle, Vogue, Elle are still known as the leaders setting the tone in fashion and their long standing reputation for trends still holds true. InStyle, my personal favorite magazine can be utilized to inspire ideas for outfits and they can also be effective for showing ‘runway’ looks transformed into every day. Trust me, although magazines are a little dated, their content is not!

Diane Keaton in the 2019 InStyle article showing off a trend that is always in– contrasting colors. So…instead of doing this outfit exactly, just take it as inspiration with the white and black and adding a hat to your look. *** ALSO: after magazines expire, or the Season has passed, roll them up and stick ’em in your boots to help them stand up straight!

Follow Fashion Bloggers

Let your social media feed be your inspiration and seek out stylists or fashion bloggers on Facebook and Instagram. A lot of bloggers/influencers are much more accessible than ones living on private islands, etc and if you reach out to them, they respond. In Northeast Ohio, I love following a few (and I’m fortunate to be considered a fashion influencer as well! A few of my favorites locally:

Follow them on Instagram for some great tips!

Seek out Fashion Events

A great way for stores to get their name out there and to get people IN their store is by hosting events. Often, there are experts in fashion or people at least within the fashion-inner circle there to pull ideas from. Take these experiences up on their offer!! Mingle with people who may know a bit more than you when it comes to putting looks together and be eager about asking for help or advice. Also, take a look on Facebook for any upcomign fashion shows. Those ARE GREAT at seeing what is in style and a lot of times you walk away with some great contacts or a swag bag 🙂

An upcoming event to add to your calendar is Goodwill Akron’s Taste of Vintage gala fundraiser on Thursday, Nov. 7, 2019! This I KNOW will be spectacular as I have already received a behind-the-scenes look at some of the vintage fashions on display. At the event, there will be tasting stations, an auction, raffles and of course a fashion show.

Here’s more information and tickets:


In order to truly be your own stylist, you must put one thing as priority: you! Really listen to your intuition and go with your ideas! Like I mentioned before, just build upon ideas you already have. It’s fun to imagine you don’t have an ‘eraser’ and just continue to pull together items that call to you! I hope you found this helpful and I can’t wait for you to learn so much along the way!

Still need a but of help? Feel free to contact me!