Summit for Kids: Back-to-School Fashion



Kids these days don’t need labels to define their style.  That is why this past weekend during the Summit for Kids event in Akron, Goodwill helped create a fashion show sharing back-to-school kid chosen styles! Each of these kids from pre-K to 9th grade chose their own outfits at an average cost of $7, and in some cases that includes accessories too!


Three & Under Group



Aren’t they adorable! All four chose a dress to match their personality.  Takarra took a casual approach in her white Old Navy dress. Avery liked a blue and red plaid dress.




Meredith looks like a princess in her beautiful butterfly dress.





And Kira, the spunkiest of the bunch, liked this ruffled black skirt, tank and jean jacket.


Pre-School Group




These kids are all about comfort for their days filled with learning and play.  Damone chose this comfy t-shirt and jeans.




Kaleya sparkles in this ruffled grey dress.


Look who is off to Kindergarten – Ta’ Jha and Kelly-Ann.  You can see that they two have already developed a sassy sense of style.




Ta’ Jha chose a Justice leapord print tank top and sparkling jeans paired with a jean jacket.




While Kelly-Ann chose a sparkly pink tank top and grey skirt.


1st Grade



Carlee loves to dress up and was thrilled to find this yellow dress with white lace flowers.




While J’miyah is showing her softer side with her love one another sparkly tank, red skirt and sweater.




While Psalm prefers to be more casual in this colorful- patterned top and jeans.


2nd Grade



Noah looks comfortable and laid back in his blue half-zip sweater with jeans.




While Terrance looks cool and confident in his plaid jacket with black pants.



3rd Grade



Quinn chose a Tony Hawk plaid shirt and black pants with a fleece jacket to compliment his style.




While Sarah chose a blue polk-a-dotted shirt with leggings.




Jocelyn just loved this flower-patterned dress that she chose.




Lillian chose a leapord-print Justice top, bright green tank and black leggings.


4th Grade

First sisters, Heaven and Nevaeh.  Although their twins they have different personalities and styles.




Nevaeh prefers lighter denim with a bit of sparkle in her light gray, pink and blue shirt with denim vest.




Heaven prefers a darker t-shirt, jeans and plaid top.




Amari chose a Banana Republic sweater and t-shirt with jeans.



5th Grade




Serenity  looks poised and ready to take on a tough day of classes in her shorts, tank top and purple vest.


6th Grade

Another brother and sister duo Samantha and Landon.  Samantha looks adorable in her black and white plaid skirt with black sweater and jean jacket.





While Landon prefers a casual look for these first few hot weeks of school in a Zombie Hunter t-shirt and shorts.


Next we have two beautiful ladies Jess and Madyson, both have a preference for dressing up.




Jess put together this Charlotte Russe dress and sweater combination.




While Madyson found this pretty salmon top to compliment her cream lace skirt.



7th Grade

Evelyn loves butterflies and found this light blue dress with colorful butterflies that she paired with a jean jacket. She was even able to accessorize with a purse that features a large butterfly on the side.


8th Grade




Lexi chose a splash of blue with her T-shirt to contrast the gray in her American Eagle sweater and jeans.


9th Grade

Last, but certainly not least let’s welcome Ally and Morgan, both will be starting 9th grade this year.  Both looking stylish – yet casual –  for their first year of high school!




Ally found a pair of Hollister jeans to wear with a blue and white top.




While Morgan chose an Express top, blue tank top and jeans with a fun furry purse!



Each of these kids have their own amazing sense of style.  We thank them all for helping us share the great variety and value of back-to-school styles found at Goodwill.

We hope everyone has a wonderful school year!


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