The FUR Approach

Megan Fur Coat Version One

Ok – I admit it, I’m feeling the struggle this winter to dress fashionably AND practically. I love to layer and I go crazy of over coats and hats. You’ll generally see me wearing gloves from October to April. I take hand warmth very seriously. I am by birth, a winter baby. Born on one on the coldest days on record, Jan. 17th, 1982. It was 22 below zero! No joke, my mom has the newspaper.

So recently in the new year I decided to take a minimalist approach to my wardrobe. I cleansed and detoxed my closet with the mindset to free up space physically, but more important mentally. My creativity was a dull glow, and that just didn’t sit well with me. So, with my minimalist reset in place, and the artic air still brewing – my best efforts to achieve outstanding fashion moments are with my vintage furs. I love them – I stay warm, practical, and fashionable! It’s a great approach.

I have more than three furs so we’re gonna call this a collection! Cue the moth balls, granny style, this gal is putting her best fur forward. All coats have been thrifted and found. I do love the look of furs, and I must say they feel AMAZING, cozy and regal. Without getting too political and offending my vegan friends, I would not entertain purchasing a fur new off the rack. Through and through I feel repurposed fashion is an amazing green approach to style, and if that means I wear vintage fur-fashion, I’m okay with that.

We have a few months of these wonky-crazy temps left, and if you’re feeling like you need a style boost like I am, try a vintage fur! If anything else our outerwear can speak to style, while our everyday clothes may just be getting us through the cold! Stay warm my style savvy readers. And remember, YOU are your greatest accessory.

Megan xx

Megan Fur Coat Version Two Through Four

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