The Story of the Bears

It is a privilege to share my client Becky’s story. Becky was fortunate to have her mom live with her for 35 years. Her mom helped her raise her children and grandchildren providing a priceless opportunity for kids to have mom, grandma and great-grandma play a role in their lives. Her mom was with her for everyday meals, holidays, birthdays and special family occasions. Becky was so grateful for her mom’s involvement in her life and the lives of her children.

Unfortunately, Becky’s mom passed away a year ago, leaving all of her clothing, belongings and personal treasures to her. Becky was faced with a very common challenge: how to honor the memory of her mother without creating a new burden in her own life. Often times children feel obligated to keep all of their parent’s possessions rather than make the difficult decisions as to what can be donated or sold.

Becky had the good fortune to have been connected with Cindy of Crazy Wagon Lady Creations. She had realized the importance of the memories held in the clothes that her mom wore and Cindy was able to help capture those memories in something that Becky’s children and grandchildren could keep as a memento. Cindy took some of the clothing regularly worn by Becky’s mom and transformed that clothing into stuffed bears. Becky’s children and grandchildren all received a bear to honor a person that had great influence on their lives. A message sewed to each bear reads, “This is a shirt I used to wear. Whenever you hold it know that I am near. Love, Grandma, Great-Grandma, Mom.”

I often see emotional items packed away in boxes where they cannot be seen, appreciated or honor the person associated with the item. I am so impressed with how Becky was able to honor her mom in such a unique memorable way that will impact the lives of her children and her children’s children for many years.

You can find Cindy of Crazy Wagon Lady Creations on Facebook and by calling her at (330) 703-2697.

Lynne Poulton, Wholly Organized!® LLC