The Strange and Unusual

When most people think of online shopping, more than likely they think of clothing, accessories, electronics, or jewelry. Not many would think of shopping for a resin human skull model or a taxidermy cobra, but Halloween is right around the corner.

There are numerous strange and unusual items that can be found on These can be used for science, the classroom, home decor or just to add to your own personal collection of the strange and unusual. Here are just a few:

Taxidermy Cobra Snake – Last known bid, $67










Antique 18K Gold & Silver Smoking Pipe – last known bid, $78







Skull Pipe – Last known bid, $31







Small Black Bear Pelt – last known bid, $53










Legend of Zelda Master Sword & Shield Replica – Last known bid, $91








Vintage Bockett Microscope Lamp – Last known bid, $74










Entomology Insect Collection of Beetles – Last known bid, $45








Bovine Fur – Last known bid, $ 51










Human Skull Resin Model – Last known bid, $62









**Note: Information was collected through the website This site contains live and closed auctions from participating Goodwill agencies from across the United States. The auction items above may now be closed but were (or are) active  within the past 90 days. None of the items above came from Goodwill Industries of Akron. Please visit the website for more information or to browse the thousands of live auctions.