There’s more to life than avocado toast.

Hello Goodwill style readers!

In last months post, I wrote about a style journey. I thrifted the most amazing pair of vintage shoes that were adorned with mermaid-like sequins. They were flats, super easy to wear, and I’m guessing from the 1980s. They had never been worn with the price tags still intact. I decided that if I wore them every day for one week they would make me happy each day. If I minimized my daily options of what to wear, would I ultimately enhance the creative process of getting dressed? It worked. Here’s July’s blog post if you’d like to catch up.

This month, I’m also focused on a routine, but in the kitchen!

I love avocado toast. It gives me three yummy ingredients my body craves. Carbs. Healthy fats and salt (or sweet). I love to eat! But often, with my personality and lifestyle, eating becomes a chore. Mainly because I prefer homemade foods and I love to cook. That. Takes. Time. Often I feel pressed for time to do the prep work, or, even the mental energy to meal plan and then shop for the right foods. It can get overwhelming.

So, it’s the chaos I’ve created around the foods I choose to eat that has lead me to stop. Slow down. And give my body the time and nourishment it’s desperately is asking for. And, to enjoy the process. My goal, to slow down and begin my day with one of my favorite meals, enjoy all the flavors, and fuel my body well.

There’s more to life than avocado toast. Sometimes, taking a small step to practice a new routine in your day, will help you realize there’s more to life than business, hurriedness and the frantic pace we get so attached to. There are simple moments of preparation that can bring joy to our day. I have many moments in my day I look forward to. I want one of the first to be when I’m preparing my first meal.

Here are two of my favorite ways to prepare my avocado toast. One is savory and one is sweet.

For both recipes simply place the contents of your avocado in a bowl. I adore this new avocado knife from Oxo. It’s around $10 on amazon. Smash is up really good so it’s about 50% smooth and 50% chunky. Sprinkle in some salt. I like Himalayan Pink Salt.

Savory Avocado Toast:

  1. Cook one egg in avocado oil or olive oil in a skillet. Flip the egg if you’d like it cooked well, or just cook on one side for more yolk.
  2. Toast one slice of bread.
  3. Lightly butter bread after toasted.
  4. Spread the avocado on the buttered toast.
  5. Place egg on top of the avocado.
  6. Lightly salt or season with whatever you prefer. Hot sauce is great too!

Sweet Avocado Toast:
Okay, bear with me. This recipe uses Orange Marmalade…and I PROMISE you that you’ll be shocked how well this combo works. The sweetness and bitterness of the marmalade go so well with the avocado.

  1. Toast one slice of bread.
  2. Lightly butter bread after toasted.
  3. Spread the avocado on the buttered toast.
  4. Place 4-5 nickel size dollops of orange marmalade on the toast – enough so you have some in each bite!

The presentation is also key. If you appreciate what your eating from, the food looks better, tastes better and your ultimately more satisfied. Eat your toast from a serving plate that has meaning. Maybe it’s a dish from your grandmother, it could be a cool design you picked up from a retailer, or it maybe it’s simply a unique find that speaks to you that has nourished many. These plates were thrifted from the Goodwill on Waterloo Rd. They are from Crate and Barrel and retail for $40 for 8 plates. These came in a set of 4 for $2.50.

And that’s it! Your first meal of the day, prepared by you… taking the time to nourish your body, slow down, and enjoy each bite.

With so much Love,