Thrift A Fall Porch Display



I went to Goodwill Twinsburg in search of something to put on our porch for fall. I didn’t have anything in particular in mind – which can be dangerous for an indecisive person like me – but if you circle through housewares enough times, you’ll eventually see something that sparks an idea!

After my third time through I finally spotted this blue wooden bench ($10) on the floor buried beneath some vases and water bottles. It was the perfect width for the spot next to our front door and I knew with a little makeover it could make for a nice little display of mums and pumpkins.




I originally planned to just spray paint the bench a new color and that would be it. But instead I attempted to rip off the island-scape wallpaper from the top, and it created a huge mess, so I had to come up with a plan to cover that portion. After spraypainting it all black — to match with our shutters and porch furniture – I dug through my fabric stash and found the mint and white striped fabric that I had used on this cork board project. The color matches our front door, and I love anything and everything striped, so I went with it! To adhere it to the bench I used fabric mod podge. I then applied a layer of the mod podge on top of the fabric to make it water-resistant.




After finding the bench in housewares, I then came across this huge beautiful basket. This was such a good deal at only eighty cents!




I’m loving white painted baskets right now so I got out my Annie Sloan chalk paint and quickly added this white stripe to the top.





I stuck a mum inside the basket (it amazingly fit perfectly) and added some pumpkins alongside to give it the full fall-effect.




Happy Thrifting,


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