Thrifted Frames Made Modern



A few years ago I changed our basement from red walls and khaki pillows, to Sea Salt walls and bright, colorful pillows.




And I like it… but I looooove the simple, clean black and white spaces I’ve been seeing all over Pinterest. I especially love all the framed modern artwork and quotes that are leaned atop dressers or on wall ledges.  And since I have a huge wall ledge in our basement, it only made sense that I attempt my own version of these beauties:



Decor8 // Bo-LKV // Unknown


I already had a huge stash of old and thrifted frames that I wasn’t using, and I also picked up a few more at Goodwill. Depending on size they usually range anywhere from $1-$15.




Most of the frames I had were white so I used Rustoleum’s FLAT black spraypaint on a few of them. It took about 3 coats per frame to get good, solid coverage.




For the photos I simply converted a few of my favorites to black and white and had them printed at Kinkos. Their engineer prints are really inexpensive (like seriously a few bucks) and you can get them done at large sizes like 16×20. I’ll admit, the quality isn’t great, but for this project I didn’t mind the graininess as it gave the photos some good texture.

For the typographic artwork and quotes I searched and for some cool free fonts and used them to write out my favorite quotes. And again, I got these all printed at Kinkos for just a few bucks.





Font Used: Le Prince Sur Le Mouton




Font used: DK Boris Brush




Font used: Steelfish




Font Used (Alphabet): Infini Picto

Font Used (Quote): Celi


I replaced my colorful pillows with grey striped ones and decluttered the side table. I also added in a few of my favorite thrifted treasures like an old camera, a vintage movie reel, an octagonal mirror, an old lantern, and my favorite — a copper planter that I picked up at a garage sale for just 25 cents!




I’m so happy with how it turned out! I love that it has that modern look I was going for, but that all the photos and quotes are personal, meaningful things rather than stuff I just picked up at the store to fill the space. And it was super inexpensive to boot!




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