Thrifting a Holiday Wardrobe Capsule

Have you heard about wardrobe capsules? They are a creative and efficient way to make the most of our your closet and the things you own.  I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely a creature of habit and tend to gravitate towards the same handful of items every week when getting dressed. Wardrobe capsules help to encourage variations of the same piece.  With the holidays and busy schedules approaching, this is the perfect time to thrift your holiday wardrobe capsule.


First, it’s important to understand how capsules work. Capsules are basically a restricted number of pieces you select to create a list of go-to items that can be worn several different ways and items that can be worn together. The end goal is for the capsule to be user-friendly and hassle free.


Creating a holiday wardrobe capsule will save time and energy when you need to figure out what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner, the office holiday party, or a day of shopping. The best part about this capsule, is that it’s all thrifted from Goodwill. Keep these items in mind as you develop your go-to holiday wardrobe this season.




A functional statement coat: a coat that keeps you warm and makes a statement? Yes, please. A statement coat will complete your outfit and can serve as the focal point if you’re at an outdoor event where you won’t be taking your coat off.(ice skating, anyone?).  I thrifted this trendy coat from Goodwill on Waterloo for $5.




A black dress: this is one of the most important pieces for a holiday capsule. You can wear this to the office, to dinner, to a party, or out with friends. Try adding a jacket, cardigan, tights, boots, heels, a belt, a necklace.. you name it, they all work with a little black dress. I prefer shift dresses for their classic and clean look, but be sure to buy one that suits your body type. I thrifted this Ann Klein dress for $4.




Something sparkly: It is a holiday capsule after all so some sparkle is necessary! You can go as bold or as subtle as you like here. For bold, try thrifting a sequin blazer or metallic sweater. For subtle, look for soft embellishments or a pretty statement necklace. Sparkle doesn’t have to come in traditional red and green holiday colors. Experiment with other colors to make it your own.

I thrifted these holiday appropriate shirts from Goodwill for $3 a piece.




A cozy sweater: this is an absolute must have for your capsule and the good news is, there are dozens and dozens of cozy sweaters to chose from at Goodwill. They are perfect for holiday shopping, lounging, and weekend wear.


A plaid shirt: this versatile print will come in handy for both dress up and dress down days. There’s no shortage of plaid at Goodwill! I thrifted this J.Crew button down for $4 at the Goodwill on State Road.


A vest: vests are less than $5 at Goodwill and can totally elevate your outfit. Look for cozy and trendy styles like faux fur or sherpa vests.


A pair of your favorite jeans: no capsule is complete without one! Goodwill carries dozens of styles of jeans. Anytime I’m on the lookout for new jeans, I designate a specific day for jean thrifting because it can be a bit overwhelming and time consuming.


Boots: Thrift a functional yet trendy pair of boots to wear with your cozy sweater, vest, or plaid items from your capsule. Boots can be as low as $3 at Goodwill! That’s an absolute steal.


Now that you’ve developed a list for your holiday capsule, shop your closet and Goodwill to bring this list to life! Mix and match these items together. Try to stick to these specific items this holiday season that way you can focus on family time and good food rather than on what to wear!


Happy Thrifting!

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