Turn Something Old into Something New – a Planter

I’ve got an easy one for you this month. It requires no paint, no glue, no scissors…

…Just a few containers from Goodwill… and some flowers and soil!









We’re makin’ planters!

This Pfaltzgraff ceramic bundt dish was $8 from Goodwill of Akron.








Exactly what I needed for a planter on my outdoor table. That hole in the middle… imperative! Here’s why:  Stick your patio

umbrella right through that thing!















When I was buying the flowers for this, the girl at the garden center recommended I buy something that grows straight up as opposed to something that would cascade onto the table and get into the way. So smart when you consider how crowded the table can get.








Onto the other to-be-planters I picked up; this yellow USA Pottery pitcher and this vintage silver lotus bowl. Both were about $2-$3 from Goodwill of Akron.















For now they’re on my front porch filled with outdoor flowers.








Come Fall I’ll be filling these with houseplants!  And last, these $5 rain boots from Goodwill of Akron!








My initial plan was to spray paint one of these hot pink. And I did, but when it wasn’t dry four days after I sprayed it I realized spray paint does not stick to rubber. Noted! That boot’s a goner, but, hey, I still had one more boot left!








For fun I added some mini bunting made with patterned washi tape. I know I know, I said no scissors or tape needed for this project, but I had to add a little crafty flair to make up for my huge spray paint failure!








To create these washi tape flags, you just fold a long rectangular piece of washi in half (around the string), then snip an inverted triangle with your scissors.

Easy peasy, right?








The options for containers at Goodwill are endless… pick one (or four!) up today and start planting!

Happy Thrifting!