Under Lock & Key

So you’re cleaning out your garage or attic and you come across a set of old keys or antique metal padlocks. Your first instinct may be to throw them away. Don’t do it!


Vintage keys and locks have become quite collectible, especially if they are stamped with the maker/manufacturer. Some of these keys are over a century old and may have been used by government offices, railways or as church keys. Either way, they each seem to tell a story about where they’ve been and what secrets they kept hidden.

Skeleton keys and old metal padlocks with manufacturer names are very desirable.

Antique padlocks with their original keys are hard to find.


The bows are the top part of the key which can be decorative. They can come in a variety of shapes and are sometimes very decorative.


So think twice before throwing away old keys and padlocks. Not only could they be worth some money, they may have historical value as well.

If you do come across some of these old keys and locks and you decide you don’t want them, you can always donate them to Goodwill to help support our mission. To check for Akron’s online items, go to: www.shopgoodwill.com and search by Sellers for Oh-Akron.