Upcycle Old Pillow Cases into No-Sew Garland








I was given a sewing machine as a birthday gift two years ago.  Haven’t even opened up the box yet.

Thankfully this project requires NO SEWING! All you need:

1: Scissors

2: Rope or Twine

3: Pillowcases from Goodwill – I chose colors/patterns with an Autumn vibe.

Really any fabric will work (sheets, tablecloths, even clothes) but I happened to get all pillowcases (and I threw in a lacy curtain to give the garland some texture).








All you have to do is cut the fabric into strips about 2″ wide and 24″ long.

If you want a clean look then you’ll want to use your scissors to cut the entire length of the fabric. I wanted something more shabby so I just made snips all along the bottom of the fabric then ripped upwards. It will rip it perfectly straight to the other end. The latter option is also a lot faster than cutting with scissors and it’s quite liberating!








Next, loop the fabric strips to the rope/twine alternating between colors and patterns.















I hung it in our basement at first…








But then it found a permanent home on our front porch.

























…And my house is about to get covered in fabric garlands… everywhere.

Happy Thrifting!