Updated Hutch

Hi all!! It seems like every time I go to Goodwill there is some version of an antique hutch available. I love doing these because when finished the details seem to show up so much more. This hutch was actually a custom order and it was beautiful but, it was enormous. Needless to say, I was a little intimidated by it when they dropped it off. Besides weighing what seemed like 700 lbs, the entire top section was glass and mirrors–first thought–that’s a lot of area that could break. And as you can see there are quite a few marble pillars on it. Again, beautiful, but by far the largest piece of furniture I have ever done for someone as an order.

Here are a couple of before pictures that were sent to me for pricing. I also did the table to match it.

The first step was taking off all of the doors and hardware. I then I taped up the marble sections so I wouldn’t get paint or stain on them. She wanted all the hardware in Oil Rubbed Bronze so I spray painted those first and put them to the side to dry.

Then the sanding began. I sanded and sanded for what seems like three days. But, it was pretty shiny and slick so I wanted to make sure the paint would stick. After I got done with the sanding I decided that I was still going to do primer on it. Usually if I sand a piece of furniture I don’t feel the need to paint it with primer but this piece has so many small details that it was hard to get into some of the areas.

After the primer dried I started with the painting. I put one solid coat of cream over all of it-inside and out. With the mirror all along the back I made sure to get behind the font of the hutch top because it would be visible, especially with the light on. The hutch was big enough for me to sit inside of to paint it.

Back to sanding! I went over it with a 220 grit sandpaper to smooth it all out and distress it slightly. I love how smooth the furniture feels after sanding it with a high grit sandpaper. It makes such a difference.

Onto the staining. I stained all of it with Minwax provincial stain. Once the stain was dry I then dry brush some of the cream back over it. Then I put several layers of top coat. I waited a day to make sure everything was cured and then put all the hardware and doors back onto the hutch.

It was a lot of work but I really loved the end product and most importantly so did the customer!!

This is the table that I did for her!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


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