What Is Your New Year’s Resolution?

What are some of the top resolutions people make for the New Year?

  • Losing Weight
  • Working out
  • Quit Smoking
  • Reducing personal debt
  • Getting a better job
  • Getting healthier overall
  • Decreasing stress

Of course, achieving success in any resolution requires the right mind set and the right tools. Below are a few items we found on www.shopgoodwill.com that may help assist you in achieving your 2014 resolutions.

 For Those Committed to Losing Weight and Getting Healthier

Calorie/Fitness Watch












Bose Head Phones (to get lost in your workout music)












Under Armour Athletic Wear












Magic Bullet Blender (for smoothies and fresh veggie juice)












Withings Scale (measures weight, heart rate, body fat)










For Those Committed to Reducing Personal Debt or Better Money Management


Cash Management Register

-Although you may not need this for home use, it’s a great tool to teach children about managing their allowance or this could be used for a small business.









A Vintage Adding Machine for those who rather take an ‘old school’ approach to managing finances.












For Those Committed to Decreasing Stress

Whether it’s listening to relaxing music, learning to play an instrument or just managing time better, below are a few things can help you reduce stress.

How about learning to play a new instrument? Who wouldn’t feel relaxed after listening to a harp?












Or a Bundy Selmer Flute?










Managing ‘Time’ with a LeCoultre Atmos 15 Jewel Mantle Clock












Or a more portable time piece: A Medalist 17 Jewels French Pocket Watch












**Note: Information was collected through the website www.shopgoodwill.com. This site contains live and closed auctions from participating Goodwill agencies from across the United States. The auction items shown above may now be closed and sold. Please visit the website for more information or to browse the thousands of live auctions. And don’t forget: The mission of Goodwill Industries of Akron is to help individuals prepare for, find and retain employment. Thanks for your support. Happy Holidays!