What to Wear: New Year’s Eve

Well here we are approaching yet another new year. This morning, I woke up with the song lyrics “what are you doing…New Year’s Eve?” in my head. Whether you’re working (so sorry), going out with friends, staying home or treating the eve of the New Year like any other night, my mission is to set you up for success to feel and look your best! Below are a few tips and tricks you can turn to help end 2019 correctly and in style. Here are my favorite 2019 outfit-pieces for New Year’s Eve inspiration.


Is it just me or does gold sparkle always come to mind for a New Year’s celebration? I think it may be because of the idea of new beginnings and the sparkle that comes with the gift of the new year. Or maybe gold represents all the memories, people and opportunities reflected on in the past year. Either way, gold has been and is a statement color for celebrations around the 31st.


A HUGE trend in the Holiday Season as we roll into the New Year is head-to-toe white. Yes, this may seem like overkill on white, but from top-to-bottom it can look extremely chic. For friends and clients of mine who “only wear black” I always suggest slowly adding higher-quality white pieces (think cashmere, crisp cotton and silk) as it can be added to almost any all-black outfit and really make your outfit pop. Embrace white all year-round, it’s no longer only intended for certain times of the year.


“Hey hey jumpsuit! I see you making a splash all year in 2019!”. Let’s give it up for jumpsuits because really, all 2019 we have seen them at weddings, summer BBQ’s and now we are still loving them as we close out the year! The great thing about jumpsuits is that they are still so versatile and can be a piece in your closet that you can intermingle with other staples. You can easily add a blazer or another shirt over top for an entirely new outfit. I love jumpsuits right now and 12-year old me is here for it!

All-lace or sheer top

This is one of my favorite LOOKS! Have you ever been out shopping or come across an all-lace top? Did you think “who would wear this? You can see right through this!”. Well let me tell you, next time you come across a see-through top, grab it because it is an essential for your wardrobe! A shirt that has either lace, or another transparent fabric can be paired with either a tank, camisole or even just a bra for a night out. On New Year’s Eve, consider a super-sheer top and have fun with what you pair it with! Going out with friends? Pair the sheer top with a tank! Going out with the boyfriend? Pair the sheer top with a bra! : )


Admittedly, velvet has not always been a favorite. Ask one of my class mates in my senior class in High school and I’m sure they’d joke that velvet was sort of a pet-peeve fabric of mine in show choir (yes, I was in show choir). Now though, velvet appearing in different ways looks great and I’ve come around even to the ‘feel’ of velvet. I love when velvet is used in touches on pieces, like it’s just one of a couple fabrics on a piece OR when velvet is the entire garment. A sleek dress like this one from WhoWhatWear looks stunning while also adding a bit of texture to the overall ensemble. Double points for velvet here because it can also keep you warm all night long!



With it being close to the end for 2019, you may not have time to order online and wait for it to ship! That being said, consider heading to a local store for your ensemble! If you’re in the Akron area, head to a consignment shop or one of my faves, blue / A GOODWILL BOUTIQUE / . They have tons of festive items and I love their staff there too! Tell them I sent ya!