Winter Happiness for Men and Women

The weather outside is frightful. Shopping at Goodwill is delightful. Since it’s the place to go, spend the dough, spend the dough, spend the dough!

We’ve already experienced some snowfall, cold days and holiday cheer, so now it’s time to bring on the winter gear! In other words, it’s time to shop!

Sweaters, coats, scarves and boots are all a big part of our winter ensemble. But many of us need that one special outfit to start our new year off with a bang! Luckily, your local Goodwill can help you in a big way!

Right now, there are so many sweaters and dress pants that are perfect for this time of year! There’s even a small collection of accessories such as scarves, handbags and shoes to go stylishly with your favorite finds! The best part about it is, the Goodwill is not overwhelming — clothing is organized by men, women and children. It’s so-not overwhelming that it just may be the most relaxing thing you do for yourself this season!

Check out these great finds I had to snatch before some other holiday elf did…;)

Love the bold, yet classic appeal of this women’s outfit. Fitted royal blue dress pants with the comfortable addition of stretch (perfect for any holiday dinner party;) ). A simple and attractive camisole with sequins…and to keep those shoulders warm, a heavy knitted cover-up in black because one can never go wrong with a black sweater cover-up!

A cute sparkly clutch in practically any color would be the perfect touch for any holiday party!

Don’t forget your jewelry too! It’s the holidays — it’s the time to shine!

For men, I selected charcoal dress pants with a festive green and white check button-up shirt. The particular outfit is more versatile than it may seem at first glance.

You can go without the sweater to work, then add the sweater in the evening, not only to keep warm, but to add a bit more sophistication.

You can leave the sweater out all together and just add a cotton white t-shirt under the button-up and ditch the dress pants for a pair of dark wash jeans.

I even like the idea of the button-up and sweater overlay with jeans

Who knew you can interchange two shirts for several different looks?!

So, grab yourself a big cup of joe for the road to keep you warm and head on over to the Goodwill. Enjoy browsing around, even trying on a cart full of clothing. Remember, think festive! The Goodwill is here to

Happy Holidays from your personal shopper elf, 😉

Monica Z.