12 Months of Thrifting Challenge: October Prompt – Plaid

Ah, October: spooky season, sweater weather, and the perfect time to start incorporating fall plaids into your outfits. Like everything else on our 12 Months of Thrifting list, plaid is both a wardrobe and thrift store staple. 

Plaid is such a versatile heritage pattern with deep Scottish roots. From preppy to punk, plaid has made it to every corner of fashion history. What does this mean for thrifters and style hunters? It means you can easily find a variety of stylish plaid patterns at Goodwill. 

Understanding different types of plaid:

Notice I used the word variety because believe it or not there are so many types of plaid. Most people think of the traditional tartan plaid when they think of plaid. But there are so many other types so if you’re seeking style inspiration before you shop, it helps to start with some basic definitions and distinctions.

Personally, my favorites are tartan plaid, buffalo plaid, and gingham plaid. Whatever type you prefer, you can find ALL of these patterns at Goodwill stores. 

This chart is courtesy of fashionlush.com

Trending this Fall: 

Now that you got your plaid pattern crash course, keep an eye out for these fall 2020 plaid trends: 

Vivid Plaids: don’t be afraid to get colorful with your plaid. Add pops of pink, orange, blue, and yellow. 

Grunge Plaid: the 90s are back, baby! That means grunge plaid is too. Think of oversized plaid flannels, plaid skirts, and combat boots. 

Oversized Plaid Outerwear: This trend showed up all over the runways this year with an updated structured look in classic plaid patterns.

One of my favorite things about plaid is how versatile it is. You can easily make it look preppy with a structured suit or blazer, grungy with an oversized relaxed look, or edgy paired with leather. There’s something for everyone!

Ready to shop? Every month we provide you with a handy shopping list so when you’re out thrifting at Goodwill you can easily find this month’s thrift theme. 

Mild: Need time to warm up to plaid? Try searching for these items: 

  • Plaid flat shoes
  • Accessories like headbands, blanket scarves, and clutch purses, and even umbrellas!

Medium: Ready to take it up a notch? Look for these items at Goodwill

  • Plaid coat or cape
  • Plaid blazer
  • Plaid ankle boots
  • Plaid shawl
  • Plaid pencil skirt
  • Plaid ankle pants (green tartan is always a good start)
  • Plaid flannel shirt

Spicy: Okay, hot stuff! These bold pieces are sure to make a statement. Add these to your Goodwill wish list:

  • Plaid suit
  • Plaid maxi skirt
  • Plaid Overcoat 
  • Plaid trench coat
  • Bomber jacket

Want more style and thrifting inspiration? Tune into the Allow us to Rethriftrodeuce Ourselves podcast and hear us discuss this month’s thrift theme.