Antique Record Player Cabinet Upcycle

Hi All,
While in search of pieces to use for the flea market flip event I participated in, I came across this old record cabinet. Someone had already started converting it into a wine cabinet (Yeah!) which I thought was a great idea. And an extra bonus was they left the bottle holder in it so I didn’t even have to find one or even more work–build one in it.

I thought it would be a good piece for the storage solutions category of the event. So I had to add some storage to it. It was still a lot of work but worth it in the end.

I was happy to see the wine rack already in the cabinet but wasn’t a fan of the style/color of it. So the first thing I did was disassemble the bottom to get the wine rack out so I could paint the rack and the interior of the cabinet. I also wanted to add a shelf to the top to store napkins, plates, openers etc., so I added shelf brackets and cut a piece of plywood to fit and then painted all of the interior of the stand to match.

For the exterior section of the stand I decided to go with a two toned wood/paint. I sanded the stand and then painted sections of it cream. Once it was dry I then went over the wood with Kona stain. I then sealed everything with a clear top coat.

Next I had to fix the door in the front. It was missing glass so I thought I would add chicken wire to give it a farmhouse look. I then added a wine cork as a door pull. Perfect spot to store glasses!

The back had an open area that I didn’t like the looks of. So I thought since this is in the storage category, I would add more storage. I thought this would be a great spot for storing wine corks for people that save them. Since it was just an open area I had to actually make a door to put back there. I measured out some wood strips for the frame and then added chicken wire for the front. I then added hinges and attached it to the back of the chest.

I then painted everything to match and repainted a couple areas I changed my mind on and here is pictures of the final piece.

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