Best Places to Thrift: Kent Goodwill

Want to know the best places to thrift in 2024? I got you! Let’s kick off the year with one of my top locations: the Goodwill in Kent, Ohio.

Why I love this store:


The Size:

This midsize Goodwill location is the perfect size for both new and avid thrifters. You can easily browse the entire store in one trip without feeling overwhelmed.


The Housewares:

I always make a beeline straight to the housewares section of this store. Other than the fact that it’s always very organized, I find a wide range of items from quirky mugs to classic dishware.


The Furniture:

Don’t let the size of this store fool you! This location often carries a limited amount of furniture from couches, chairs, bookshelves, and more in the back of the store.


Children’s Items:

From games to clothing, I always score big on children’s items at this location.


The Prices, Rewards & Coupons!

Just like all Goodwill Akron stores, the Goodwill location in Kent offers set pricing for most clothing items. This helps me save a lot of time when I’m shopping and takes the guesswork out of the cost per item. Just check the signs at the end of the aisle for a price list. They also offer an incredible Customer Loyalty Program where shoppers can earn points on purchases and then earn a 35% off coupon!



One of the primary reasons I find myself drawn to the Goodwill in Kent is the diverse range of items it offers.  Unlike traditional retail stores, the thrift store’s inventory is constantly changing, making each visit a new adventure filled with exciting discoveries.


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The Details:

Goodwill Kent / Ravenna

2528 State Route 59

Kent, OH 44240


Happy thrifting!

– Dina