DIY: Bottle Vase

Hi everyone, Abby here (Eleanor’s Boots)! I hope you’re enjoying the start of summer! I know it’s one of my favorite times of the year. With the weather warming up, it seems like there is always something to celebrate. Whether you are celebrating dads, grads, babies or new beginnings, summertime is the best time to entertain.

Something I find that always makes any event (big or small) a little bit extra special are fresh flowers. And fresh flowers always look great in a fun vase (or several). So today, I’ll be sharing a super easy DIY to elevate your vases.

Supplies Needed:
1. Scrap wrapping paper
2. Twine, ribbon, other embellishments
3. Recycled Glass Bottles
4. Double-sided tape or glue
5. Scissors
6. Pen/Marker/Pencil














I sourced some inspiration from around the interwebs, but mainly used this DIY as a starting point for my vases.

I’m not sure if you all are like me, but for some reason, I end up saving a lot of the glass bottles we use instead of recycling them. I soak them in warm water and dish soap to get rid of the labels, and then I store them in our basement until I am struck with inspiration, like now!

If you don’t have a collection of glass bottles hanging around, you’ll definitely get lucky with fun glassware at the Goodwill that would be perfect for this DIY.

And for embellishments, I end up saving wrapping paper when I wrap gifts. So I used some leftover pieces I had lying around. But you could decorate your bottles with washi tape, newspaper, stickers, markers, paint, etc.

To get started with my vases, I made sure they were clean (no dust or spiderwebs, thankyouverymuch). If I had been painting them, I would have wiped them down with isopropyl rubbing alcohol prior to getting to work.

After cleaning my bottles, I loosely measured my paper around my bottles in the order I wanted. I landed on using some brown paper with some pink and gold wrapping paper layered over it. I finished by tying some leftover twine I had from another project I’ve been working on over the layered paper.






















What’d I’d tell you? Super easy! And so cute! These would have been perfect for when we hosted my family for dinner over the weekend (too bad I didn’t think farther in advance, but now I’m ready!).

Coming up later this summer, I’ll be partnering with Goodwill Akron to host two DIY events so you can make your own, fun flower vases. See below for details on the upcoming workshops and the links to register. Hope to see you there!

July 14th at the Lakemore location from 10-11AM

August 4th at the Wadsworth location from 10-11AM

Happy Summer!