DIY: Rustic Nightstand


Happy Fall everyone!!

I ran across this little cutie while out and about shopping with my mom. My mom was not seeing the possibility of cute but I did. I mean how many small stands have drop down sides on them! It was a little beat up with some seriously deep scratches across it; BUT I had total faith that I (along with my electric hand sander) was up to the challenge.

I didn’t even bother wiping this down before I started sanding. I knew it would take a substantial amount of sanding to get those deep scratches smoothed out. By the time I was done, the stand was a dusty mess, along with me and every piece of furniture around me.

Totally worth it. I used a heavy grit sandpaper to get out all of the scratches on the top. When you use a heavy grit sandpaper (I went with 80) it tends to leave the wood rough. So, afterwards, I always go over the area again with a lighter grit sandpaper to smooth it out. I used a 220 grit on this one.


Next I sanded the bottom to prepare it for paint. Compared to sanding the top, this took no time at all.
To me the only way I envisioned this stand was with a distressed/rustic look. I went with a cream/white paint on the bottom. I did two thin layers of paint and then lightly sanded it allover to give it the distressed look.

Once I finished with the bottom I was on to the top with stain. I went with a Kona stain color. I always use a rag to rub on the stain. If you go with a brush, make sure to have a rag handy to wipe off the excess stain. Once everything was dry I applied my usual clear top coat (in satin) over everything.

I went to put the original knob back on but I wasn’t feeling the look of it. So I switched out the knob with a cabinet pull cup that I already had in my workshop.

And here’s is how she turned out:




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