DIY: Upcycled Desk from Trash to Treasure



While out and about I found this darling little desk. Well, I don’t know that most would use the description of darling when I found it, but it was a nice sturdy desk with, in my eyes, a ton of potential! Good structure with only cosmetic changes needed–my favorite combo.

So we begin….

To start the veneer on the top was coming off. My first idea was to scrap it off with a putty knife which started off pretty easy and then–not so much.




A half hour later this was as far as I got and nothing else seemed to be coming off. Time to think of a new plan…



New Plan!

Time to get out my handy Home Depot plywood pieces that I try to always have on hand for just this type of situation. It is 3/8 in- 4 x 8 sanded pine plywood that I have Home Depot cut into 4 in strips. Yes, it’s true! They will cut it for you and it’s so nice because it’s hard for me to cut an 8 ft long piece and have it come out straight.



4 inch strip

4 inch strip


This is perfect to cover the top over the veneer and also the holes in the upper right hand corner of the desk.

First I cut it to fit the length of the desk top and then I used small Brad nails with my nail gun to attach it to the top of the desk.





Next I sanded the edges of the plywood so it has a smoother edge that blends into the actual desk top.




Now for my favorite part – painting! I decided to lighten the desk up with a tan and light cream paint combination.   Once the paint was dry I glazed everything in a dark walnut glaze.



Cream paint only

Cream paint only



Cream paint glazed in dark walnut stain

Cream paint glazed in dark walnut stain



With tan sides and glazed in dark walnut stain


Drawers painted and lined with wallpaper

Drawers painted and lined with wallpaper


And here is the finished product…





Thanks for following along with my project!





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