Fall De-cluttering

Welcome fall! Time to open the windows, let the cool air in, and why not de-clutter a couple spaces! Kids are getting settled into their routines, you are packing away those shorts & sandals and perhaps hanging up a fall wreath.

Are you like most of us? Feeling like there is too much stuff in your house and not sure where to start? Perhaps you want things better organized in your house, but you’d rather be doing something else. Getting motivated to make changes is a tricky thing because we are all motivated by different things. Where many of us get stuck is in the emotion of fear, or the desire to do things perfectly, or just not feeling energetic about organizing our lives. What it means to be productive is on a continuum and for many it is only when we hit our “breaking point” that we push ourselves to take action. Unfortunately “breaking points” often cause more anxiety, stress and stuck-ness.

So let’s imagine that you are not at your “breaking point” and that you are just feeling a little stuck. I want to help you. Here are five ways to get you off that couch and closer to a better space!

1. Let go of perfection! Just start! We don’t live in “after” pictures so keep your expectations low and aim for “better.” Done is better than perfect.

• Would you be happier if you didn’t trip over the pile of shoes everyday?
• Is realistic to have them lined up perfectly all the time or in a basket?

2. Invite a friend over to be your accountability partner or “body double” [being an anchor or mirror for a person] or hire a professional organizer. Check out this sheet:

3. Pick a cause or charity like Goodwill to donate your items. Letting go is easier when you know items go to a cause to help better the lives of others.

4. Try something out of the ordinary like the Swedish practice of “dostadning,” the act of slowly and steadily de-cluttering as the years go by, beginning at any point in life and going until the day you pass. The purpose is to minimize the amount of stuff that you leave behind for others to deal with.” A plus to this practice is that YOU make the decisions, not others.

5. Reward yourself. You are the boss so pick something that gets you really excited that you will earn when you meet that de-cluttering goal. It has to be big enough to justify you working hard enough to get it. No cheating!

Decide to get started and try one of these techniques. You will no doubt surprise yourself by what you can get done once you get off that couch!

Reach out and share your progress with me!








Lynne Poulton is a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®), Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization (CPO-CD®),  Level II Hoarding Specialist and Owner of Wholly Organized!® LLC. Lynne partners with people of all ages to address the physical and emotional clutter in their lives to make room for what matters most.



email: lynne@wholly-organized.com