French Girl Style

Do I have a thing for french style?

Without a doubt I do. But it’s truly not my fault at all! Pinterest, Vogue, Devil Wears Prada, and Carrie Bradshaw in Paris. You my fashion influencers, have caused this girl to think that coffee, messy hair, wine and a white t-shirt, is all I need to look chic and effortless. And, some tulle from time to time.

Truth be told I do think that is all you need! However, I really wanted to understand what the French Girl does to achieve their coveted and highly sought after look. I did some crucial fashion reconnaissance on YouTube and this what I heard.

Dress like you don’t care. ( ahem… but you DO care so says the french girl ). I think what they mean is that the style is all in the attitude of how you approach not only your style, but your peers. You care…but don’t take yourself too seriously.

Vintage. Try just one piece that is provocative and has character. And don’t be afraid of the vintage aroma, that is what french perfume is for! : )

Skin care is your number one beauty priority because minimal makeup is worn. Think of your skin before the makeup. Makeup is just the icing on the cake. Not too much icing though.
Pick a french style icon and try to emulate her look. Bridget Bardot, Jane Birkin, Caroline de Maigret, Violet_fr…my current FAVE.

Don’t look like you’re trying too hard, but love what you wear!

And my favorite tip – wear a striped shirt, add red lipstick, have a consistent diet of baguettes, coffee, and cigarettes, and always look bored. (kidding) omit the cigarette, please.
Looking bored, that’s totally up to you.

It looks effortless, sometimes messy, but it appears cool and collected. I will take as many queues I can and I’m sure I will always be inspired to achieve the look. Maybe may main goal of the french girl style, is to just not care so much.

But what about my style. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I have a lot of fun emulating and creating looks from style icons, differen

t eras, and peers that inspire me.

Style is so much more that what you wear. It’s how you
feel, a reflection of your interests and even how you view yourself.

So, if the french girl feels at ease and comfortable in her own skin, then I suppose THAT is what I’m after!


*Modeling with Megan is Molly Stover, Mentor Stylist at in Cuyahoga Falls.


Megan Dyer
The Style Counsel, LLC