Holiday Decorating

The holiday season is here. You are pulling those bins of decorations out of the crawl space, closets, attics or basement. Next you are deciding what you will display around the house. Some people put everything out while others select a few items and rotate over the years. I’ve worked with some clients who are tired of the whole process and donate it all. What are you planning to do this year with your Christmas décor?

Questions to ask:

• Is it a ritual to decorate the house?
• Is the ritual enjoyed or dreaded?
• Do you love the items you display?
• Are you tired of looking at the same “ole santa?”
• Have your tastes changed over the years?
• Do your displays reflect your style and preferences?
• Have you acquired new decorations while keeping the old?
• Is your storage space so packed that you dread pulling things out?
• Are you ready to simplify the holidays?


Hopefully these questions have given you insight into what to do next with your holiday décor. IF your decision is to pare things down then I urge you to donate these items NOW. Why? Well this is the most active time when people are headed into donation centers to search for Christmas treasures. By donating your items now you are providing an opportunity for increased revenue for the donation centers, bringing cheer to others, getting a tax write off in 2017 and gaining more space in your home. Happy Holidays from Wholly Organized!® LLC.








Lynne Poulton is a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®), Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization (CPO-CD®), Level II Hoarding Specialist and Owner of Wholly Organized!® LLC. Lynne partners with people of all ages to address the physical and emotional clutter in their lives to make room for what matters most.