Jeans: The Most Versatile Item in Your Closet

We all wear jeans. They are suitable for just about any occasion.

Whenever I go out, I always go for my jeans. I dress them up. I dress them down. They are the
most versatile item in our closets!

It’s hard to believe that women didn’t wear jeans until the 1930’s.

Males, on the other hand, were lucky enough to feel the ease and comfort of the twill fabric of
denim for decades before it was socially acceptable for women to do so.

It seems jeans are the comfort food of clothing. Whenever we want to feel good and
comfortable, we reach for our favorite pair of jeans.

I would bet that many of us have jeans older than we’d like to admit — maybe 20+ years old!

Some of us even hang onto our favorite pair even though we may not fit into them anymore
(with the hope that we can squeeze back into them at some point). It’s as if we use that one
special pair as a gage to see if we can squeeze our body back into them!

Jeans are an American staple and they have been for well over a century.

They certainly range from low scale to high end in cost. I’ve seen people purchase jeans for as
much as $200 (I’m guilty of even doing this myself…once!). But the best kind of jeans are those
already broken into. There’s nothing more comfortable than a pair of soft, worn jeans; perfectly
fit from waist line to length.

The best place to try on many pairs of worn-in jeans is Goodwill. From men’s to women’s
and even children’s aisles, Goodwill is constantly receiving jeans from community donations.
I enjoyed walking up and down the aisles searching for different washes from dark to light to
colorful pairs.

I put together a couple different outfits to give you examples of how easy it is to shop at
Goodwill and put together the perfect outfit for any occasion — casual to dressy…

There’s nothing like pairing a comfortable pair of dark washed jeans with a bright, button-up
oxford for men. It’s a simple, yet classic style for men to go out day or night. It’s a great choice
for a weekday or weekend.

For ladies, pairing a smooth textured, dark pair of jeans with a jacket or blazer can really bring
the casual look of denim to a higher level of sophistication.

Add a bit of sparkle, like this flowy black shirt and a pair of fashionable platform heels and any
woman will feel dressy enough for a night out with friends without feeling overly dressed. That’s
the beauty of wearing jeans — you can feel dressy without feeling overdressed.

Jeans aren’t just limited to light or dark blue…there’s also a variety of colors available on the
racks at Goodwill. I wanted to display just a few examples of some of the fun and versatile
pairs I saw while browsing the aisles…

And don’t forget to check out all the many shirts from sleeveless to ¼ length to long-sleeve and
more! All great ways to coordinate with your favorite finds!

There’s so many ways to get inspired at Goodwill and so many ways to style a variety of
outfits with the world’s most favorite pants: jeans!

Happy Shopping!

-Monica Z.