My List of Happy Little Things you Can Find at Goodwill

by Julie Holiday

This month, I decided to venture to Goodwill’s Twinsburg, Ohio location to find all things “happy.”

The meaning of happiness can vary for all of us, from person to person, as it is influenced by our priorities, beliefs, and circumstances. Overall, happiness can be understood as a positive emotional state characterized by feelings of joy and well-being.

I don’t know if you struggle with getting or staying happy, but I know I do. My current mission in life is to only spread “Good News.” Whether it be on social media, in my monthly newsletter, or when you see me at the grocery store – I want to strengthen the idea that although things may appear grim, there is always something we can focus on that is going or has gone right.

Below is a full list of things I found at the Twinsburg Goodwill store located at 10735 Ravenna Rd, Twinsburg, OH that made me happy and overall generated some pretty pleasant feelings. Goodwill is an organization that helps individuals prepare for and maintain employment through donations and shoppers like me.

My mission during this trip was to browse the aisles for items that caught my attention.


Happy Little Thing #1: Color-Coded Home Decor Aisle


You may notice bright colors are what I am drawn to and that is because bright colors speak to me. They enlist JOY and therefore cheer me up.


Happy Little Thing #2: Inspirational Decor


Just so you know, in case no one told you today… “you DEFINITELY can.”

While we may have different ideas of what happiness looks like, it is often associated with a sense of purpose. From physical and mental health to social relationships and personal growth, we all have the sense to feel like we belong.


Happy Little Thing #3: Hand-Painted Porcelain Egg Cottages


Who doesn’t need a church and coffee shop made in the shape of eggs?
I may have squealed when I saw this set of three porcelain cottages made in the shape of eggs. Originally intended for Easter, these adorable little houses – a coffee shop, church, and egg vendor (!) would be an excellent addition to a China cabinet or could help someone complete a porcelain collection. Each of these was exquisitely wrapped and ready to be given as a fun and sweet gift or to take home and put on your mantle.


Happy Little Thing #4: Storage and Organization Pieces


Something I am buying more often is boxes and containers for organizing. Organization can help create efficiency, and clarity, while reducing stress and enhancing productivity.
Whether it be in your closet, your kitchen, or your office, invest in organization containers and immediately see the benefits of decluttering on your physical and mental health.


Happy Little Thing #5: Games!


Envelop yourself in the magical world of a board game. To me, this is an instant mood lifter. Whether it be with your spouse, kids, or friends, games can be a wonderful way to bond. Board games have been enjoyed by people of all ages for centuries and continue to be a popular form of entertainment and social interaction. While I was at the Twinsburg location of Goodwill, I stumbled upon a whole variety of games: strategy games, card games, party games, kid games, etc. Board games provide a great way to engage with friends and family, exercise critical thinking, and have fun.


Happy Little Thing #6: Summer-Ready Wardrobe Items


Summer is here and one way to brighten up your mood is to get out of your head and into the sun. Sandals, flip-flops, dresses, and skirts were all stocked at Goodwill, so you can find all the accessories you need while you soak in some much-needed Vitamin D.

One thing I love about Goodwill, in general, is that no matter how crazy an item or funky a decor piece is, it has a home on its shelves. As eclectic as the selection may be, it may be just the thing that is needed to complete someone’s room makeover or add just the right accent to their outfit.

I hope that you feel inspired to decide to do something you enjoy.

Look on the bright side,