New Season. New Outfits. New Ideas!

Just like that, summer has come and gone and autumn has begun to unveil itself.
Temperatures have gone from near 90 to mid-60’s in one week’s time.

I must admit (although I’m certain I’ve said it before), fall is my favorite time of year!

There’s something about wrapping up in a cozy sweater or throwing on a fleece parka that makes us feel warm inside as the weather reflects something different outside.

This time of year, we begin our shorter days with fewer daylight hours and more time inside snuggled up with the ones we love — whether it be our significant other, our children or our friendly pets. Even just wrapping up in an oversized blanket gives us so much comfort on a cool autumn day.

There’s so many things which define autumn — falling leaves, cool, crisp air, bonfires, hot apple cider and oversized knit sweaters…just to name a few.

As we transition into a new season, it always feels good to shop for new threads which define both style and comfort. Not to mention, incredible prices!

I love shopping for fall finds because I love the warm, neutral tones, as well as, the contrast of dark and warm clothing.

I put together some new ideas that will not only give you comfort and save you a bit of extra cash, but will reflect this beautiful on-going season of change…

This women’s long-waisted turtleneck sweater stood out to me with it’s multi-colored appeal. It is soft, pretty and goes with just about any pant from leggings to jeans. I absolutely love the army green denim I spotted, which brings out the brightness of the colors in this sweet and cozy find! Throw a big stylish bag over your shoulder and it’s the perfect attire for any cool autumn day or night!

For more of a preppy appeal, I thought this red fleece parka vest was the perfect accessory to make any neutral outfit pop! I love the oatmeal loose fitting hoodie with its wide-laced accent too! Dark washed jeans and a cute tailored fleece shoulder bag are the perfect pieces to make this fall find a favorite!

Men have several sweaters and button-up shirts to choose from at Goodwill when putting a new look together for fall as well.

From argyles to cableknits, Goodwill has plenty to choose from for the finicky to seasoned shopper. You can add and layer colored t-shirts or pinstriped oxfords underneath practically any fall find and pick from several pair of jeans — from light to dark and anywhere in between to make these outfit complete!

So, whether you cozy up in something sophisticated or opt for something a bit more casual, Goodwill has plenty of fashionable knits to give you some fresh new ideas to keep you warm on any gorgeous autumn day!

Happy Fall…and Happy Shopping!

-Monica Z.