Old Tire into Storage Ottoman

Hi All!

For this month’s project I’m going to show you how to turn a tire into a storage ottoman. I made this with several different items that I had purchased at Goodwill and knew that I would use one day. You know, those bargains that you buy because they are too cheap to pass up but at that moment you don’t have any use for, that’s what this project is made from! Here’s the list of items that I had purchased from Goodwill, roll of burlap (maybe 4 yards) $4, Round piece of glass (from a table I purchased) $1, wood legs $4 and a roll of cream trim $1.

My first thought was to wrap the tire in jute. Then I realized that that would take forever and started to rethink. That’s when I remembered the roll of burlap. So I wrapped and stapled the tire in burlap and then added the jute (with hot glue) to the tire trends to make it more secure.

Next I cut out a bottom from a piece of leftover backing and attached it to the bottom. I then attached the legs.

The inside was looking pretty ugly so I decided to cover a piece of cardboard with left over burlap and put it inside. I also added some beige trim to make the edge have more of a finished look.

I measured this piece of glass that was on top of a table I never used and it was a perfect fit for the tire. It had been painted on one side so I had to scrap that off before moving on to the next step.

Once that was done I then mod podged a piece of matching material to the round glass top and then cut it to fit. I wanted to cover the edges with the trim to make it more secure and decorative but I couldn’t think of what would stick to glass. Finally, after much thinking and rummaging through my garage I found left over rug tape. I wasn’t a fan of it on my wood floors because it was so sticky but that is perfect for this. This is why I don’t throw stuff out!

And here is the finish product!!








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