Pom-Pom Shoes

Let’s make some Style ladies! I think I may have dreams or being a fashion designer because I always seem to find a way to look at a piece of clothing and say – “ this is cool but what if we cut it, distressed it, tied it, bedazzled it!!” This leads to me either wanting a craft hour, or wanting to make the piece unique and different. This time, I’m going to go with unique and different : )

Have you noticed all the awesome embellishments occuring on shoes lately? Statement shoes are nearly becoming a staple! – it makes me want to reach for gems, feathers, pom poms, and dare I say it – even puffy paint!

There are endless possibilities, color combinations, and “themes” you could achieve with your statement shoes. Here are some that I’m inspired by:

The SUPER thing about making your own is that it’s not expensive but you’ll look like the coolest cat in town because YOU made your own and you are super creative. To start simply I’ve decided to use pom poms. They are easy to work with, you can create multiple color combinations, and the hold up well and are easy to glue! They’ll cost you about $6 for a bag from Pat Catans. You can get a multi color bag like I have or single color bag. Then, all you’ll need is some super glue and a pair of shoes from Goodwill. That’s it!!

Here’s your shopping list:
Pom Poms
Super Glue

Without a doubt you will feel like your truly made your own style and your peers will notice. They will love them and hopefully inspire them to make their own. Better yet, get a group of gals together and have a Style Hour where you all make your own and help one other with your designs!!



The Pom-Pom Shoe Workshop!
Join me on August 30th at the Goodwill on Waterloo and we’ll make pom pom shoes together!! The workshop will start at 6 PM, and I’ll have all the poms you need!! The only thing you will need to bring is a pair of gently worn shoes (I suggest sandals, heels, canvas tennis shoes). Not only will you leave with a totally on trend pair of shoes but we’ll work together to design really cool styles!








Megan Dyer
The Style Counsel, LLC