Six Festive Kids Looks for 4th of July

Now that summer is well underway, it’s time for our hearts to beat true…for the red, white and blue!

Many of us like to show our patriotism during Independence Day festivities, especially kids! From BBQ’s to parades, stars and stripes are abound.

It doesn’t make sense to spend hard earned money on brand new holiday attire when most kids only wear it for the three fleeting summer months. Although, red, white and blue coordinate well anytime, it’s definitely most popular from Memorial Day to shortly after 4th of July.

I had fun searching for clothing items during my recent trip to Goodwill. Specific 4th of July attire may be hard to come across, but there’s definitely fun and creative ways around that!

Let me show you how…

In the boys section, there were quite a few tee-shirt choices. This red graphic tee matched with navy blue cotton shorts is not only patriotic, but it’s an outfit that can be worn beyond the fireworks grand finale.

I felt like I scored with the red, white and blue board shorts (swim trunks). They match perfectly with this Gander Mountain cotton shirt. A perfect look for any cool and proud American teenager.




I’m sure many of your kids…boys and girls alike, have their very own Tribe jersey somewhere in their closet or drawers. And if not, no worries because Goodwill gets many professional jerseys in thanks to all of you who bring in generous donations.


I found this traditional Cleveland Indians jersey for an unbeatable $2.48! That’s something to cheer about!




I was excited when I stumbled up this girl’s glittery stars tee-shirt. It’s a diversion from the traditional looking holiday attire with its light green fabric, but festive enough to where for 4th of July; and not to mention, throughout the year. I paired it with this darling ruffled skirt that has the exact shade of green piping to match. This was my own kid’s favorite pick this month!

And what compliments well with stars this time of year? Stripes, of course!

I adore this cap-sleeved navy and cream stylish top with denim shorts. The cream colored lace trim adds such a sweet and feminine touch to the shorts and to the outfit entirely.




Of course, I couldn’t stop at Stars and Stripes for girls, I had to look for something red as another option for Independence Day.

These cute dark denim shorts with red Minnie Mouse tee and blue zip-up is the perfect 4th of July combination for any young girl. This entire look rang in at $7.44. At major retailers, that’s the price of just the tee-shirt alone!




So grab a box of sparklers and celebrate the 4th of July with an explosion of great deals from your local Goodwill! As always, there’s so much to choose from and there’s endless ways to get creative…and festive!

Remember: keep it cool, keep it fun and keep it thrifty!