Summit For Kids 2019: Back-to-School Fashion with Goodwill

Over the weekend Goodwill hosted a fashion show during the 10th Annual Summit for Kids in downtown Akron! We focused on showcasing sustainable fashion for Back-To-School that makes a statement while making a difference! Each of our kids from pre-K to 11th grade chose an outfit that expresses their own style and creativity!

First up are two adorable brothers Darren and Derrik.  Both are ready for a great play day in their t-shirts and jeans!  Darren is showing his love for Paw Patrol while Derrik chose a more classic look with this Ralph Lauren Polo shirt.  

Next are two beautiful sisters escorted by their older brother, Sa’Kovia, Sa’Rabbi and Andre.  Sa’Kovia and Sa’Rabbi like to dress things up a bit.  They both look delightful – Sa’Kovia in her coral sparkly skirt and Sa’Rabbi in an adorable jean skirt. And Andre is looking handsome in his hooded plaid shirt that is accented perfectly with red jeans.

Say hello to C.J. and Aaron.  They both chose laid back styles with button down shirts. C.J. chose a tee to wear under his that shows his love of airplanes while Aaron chose a plaid that perfectly picks up the red in his jeans.

Lastly in our pre-k group we have Aliyjah and Harper looking beautiful.  Aliyjah chose this sparkly skirt and jean vest while Harper chose her favorite color pants and white top accented with  turquoise and pink bows.

Look who is off to kindergarten – Kassidy & Taylor.  Taylor looks adorable in her black skirt with polka dots and red kitten shirt.  While Kassidy looks pretty in her hot pink dress. 

Next we have our 2nd graders Damone and Tyler! Damone and Tyler chose casual comfort for their school looks. Damone in a Jordan t-shirt & khaki pants & Tyler in a red jersey with athletic pants.

Now say hello to Makenzie who is heading into third grade. She looks glamorous in her pink glittering skirt paired with a tan tank.

Here comes our 4th grader Antoinque.  She chose a style that fits her school’s uniform rules and looks stylish while doing it!

Next is Samarah headed off to 5th grade and looking great. Samarah was drawn to a denim skirt with a flowered shirt.

Now are our 6th  & 7th graders.  First are friends Lilly and Abby that will be heading up their class with style and sass! Lilly is still thinking about summertime vibes, sporting white shorts and wonderful life t-shirt! While Abby is experimenting with mixing patterns with stripes and plaid!

Following is Dylan escorting cousins Jocelyn and Gabrielle. Well Dylan has his game face on just like his t-shirt states, his style says he is ready for action. Both Jocelyn and Gabrielle chose casual chic looks with plaid shirts and jeans.

Next are friends Reagan & Sheylo. Their style is similar to the boyfriend trend that is a fashion-forward choice for a relaxed day in any environment – even school! Reagan chose a flowered shirt with her cut off shorts.  Sheylo chose a striped shirt with her shorts.

Our last set of 7th graders  are Promise and Chandler. Promise chose her first day outfit to be comfortable & casual looking pretty in light coral shorts accented with lace paired with a black top. And Chandler makes wearing a uniform stylish in choosing a bright color polo shirt, fashionable belt paired with dark jeans.

It’s time to meet our 8th &  9th graders.  First let’s welcome Sienna. She chose stylish comfort with t-shirts and jeans.

Next are sisters Desaray and Ashley. Desaray chose a denim dress while Ashley told us she has simple style and chose a Hollister brand shirt with shorts.

Let’s welcome our 10th and 11th graders Josh, with sisters Destiny and Diamond.  Josh has chosen a classic look, which will make him a hit at homecoming, while Destiny looks fantastic in this mustard jumpsuit and Diamond looks stunning in her white dress.

Each of our models have their own extraordinary sense of style.  We thank them all for helping us share the great variety and value of back-to-school styles found at Goodwill.  We hope everyone has a great school year and decides to thrift something cool for school to be stylish and sustainable!