Three Simple Solutions for your Closet

Goodbye spring…

Hello summer!

It’s that time again in Northeast Ohio. Time to say goodbye to the coats, boots and sweaters and say hello to shorts, sandals and t-shirts.

I get to hang out with people in their closets who are often overwhelmed by their clothing. I’ve got three questions to ask you and solutions to follow.

Are you are ready to make things easier for yourself with three simple solutions? Read on…


First:  Is your closet crowded?



Common Challenge:  Clothes don’t get put away.

Solution:  Create space by storing off-season clothing

Here is how!

  • Store labeled bins of clothing in your basement, attic, garage or closets
  • Store in the guest closet
  • Place a zip-up wardrobe in basement or garage

 Your Bonus:  Clothing put away = less clutter = peace of mind


Second:  Are you bored with your spring or winter clothing?

Common Challenge:  Things don’t get worn.

Solution:  Donate or sell clothing you are not using.

Your Bonus:  Get a tax donation and/or money in your pocket


Third:  Is this your year to minimize stuff?

Common Challenge:  You are overwhelmed by stuff.

Solution:  Make your own rules.

Here is how!

  • My rules are to let go of clothing that is: torn, stained, pilled, not my current style, out of date and doesn’t honor my body. Make your rules now!
  • Reduce your clothing to 37 items. Check out the Capsule Wardrobe
  • Get help from an organizer and stylist. Check this out:

Your Bonus:  You will no doubt feel lighter.


Here is a quick recap of what we talked about today.


Want the help of an accountability partner, an extra set of hands and support through the process? I am here to help you.




Lynne Poulton is a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®) serving Northeast Ohio. She is a Licensed Social Worker and prior to starting Wholly Organized!®LLC in 2012, she spent 14 years working for a non-profit social service agency. Lynne partners with people of all ages to address the physical and emotional clutter in their lives to make room for what matters most.