Thrifted Pink & Gold Plant Display



Just a few months ago I started swapping all our colorful décor with neutral grays and whites. I was craving a clean, minimalistic, cohesive look, and to me that meant eliminating color and getting back to a simple palette.

It was good. We removed a piece of furniture from our family room, we took down some excessive artwork, and I feel like things look more “put-together” as opposed to a random smattering of “stuff.”



I recently helped a friend decorate some shelves in her bedroom, which has a colorful, Lily-Pulitzer vibe, and I was in love with it. It just made me feel so happy. And we all need some happy in our life!

So, without going crazy and changing my décor around again, I’m going to keep my overall neutral pallete, but sass it up with some pops of gold and color throughout the house.

Thank goodness for Goodwill! My ever-changing decorating preferences could cost us a lot of money if I shopped retail for everything, but by purchasing stuff at Goodwill I’m not draining our savings account, and I don’t feel so guilty about the revolving door of stuff that comes in and out of our house.

Here are a few items I picked up at Goodwill Waterloo in an attempt to brighten things up around here:


2 Books – $1.75




Copper Cups & Stand – $2




Gold Bamboo Plant Stand -$5
First, I added a hot pink succulent to one of the copper cups. It will be a fun game to see how long I can actually keep this little guy alive!




And heck, since I have to water that guy, I’m going to challenge myself to keep this Snake plant alive too. If I can’t, I am a COMPLETE failure. Snake plants (Sansevieria) are known for being extremely low maintenance with incredible survival skills. The tag even says it will “thrive with little attention.”

I can do this!


I wasn’t able to find a planter for it so I just added some gold washi tape around the rim to give it a little somethin’ somethin’.

Next I paired it all together. And I just looooove it. As expected, it makes me… HAPPY!




I added in my minty motel chair with a yellow throw pillow and I’m about to faint I love it so much!




‘Til next month (when I want everything back to grey and white)…

Happy Thrifting!


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