Thrifting for Father’s Day



In honor of Father’s Day, I set out to help my brother-in-law find a couple of casual summer outfits at Goodwill. Two of the most important tips we share at our Thrifting 101 workshops at Goodwill is to first go with an idea in mind and then to focus on one section at a time so you’re not wandering around aimlessly.




I followed those very two tips when I was shopping for Nate. I did a quick search on Pinterest before I went to the store and came across a couple of outfits of breezy button-down shirts paired with comfy shorts. This seemed like something Nate could wear on vacation or out with friends.  When I arrived at the Goodwill on Waterloo Rd., I went straight to the shorts section and found a pair of cargos for $8. In addition to the shorts, we went home with three shirts.




Our favorite was the Ralph Lauren mint green shirt for $4. The contrast between the summery mint hue and the rugged cargos pair really well together and is somewhat unexpected. The best (and maybe worst) part is that Nate already owns a pair of cargo shorts somewhat similar to the ones we found that he bought for $20 from a regular retail store. But at least now he knows where to score them for a fraction of that cost!




Have a thrifty Father’s Day!

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