Warm Weather Clothes

Hi Goodwill Shoppers!

I hope everyone is enjoying this weather.  I sure am!  A couple weeks ago my best friend and I went to the Greater Cleveland Goodwill Fashion Show!  We had a great time, and of course I wore Goodwill in honor of the occasion.  This dress my husband actually picked out for me.  It is a beautiful, lined, Banana Republic Dress.  The picture doesn’t do it justice (my eyes are closed for goodness sake!)!

I am sure if you follow any fashion blogs, you know that high waisted anything, has been the rage for sometime.  Well my last trip to Goodwill I hit the jack-pot (again. . . okay, okay, I do every time)!  I found two cute pairs of high waisted shorts immediately.  I bought one neutral brown pair and another wild and crazy pair. Honestly you can find them a dime a dozen at Goodwill.  I am going to rock these shorts all summer with tucked in basic tank tops and casual t-shirts!  I am so happy the weather is warm and sunny!

And I have to gloat a little bit, because I found a pair of vintage Ray Ban sunglasses (pictured) for $3.  I have never owned a pair of nice sunglasses before, because my kids are usually playing with them or I am dropping them.  These sunglasses are indestructible!  I am so proud to have found them for such a steal!  Now I will definitely have to keep my eyes peeled for more great sunglasses, because they always seem to have a nice selection.


If you are in the market for some warm weather clothes and accessories, Goodwill has you covered!

Until next time!

Lauren Ward