Weekdays are for Sequins!

Do you want to feel like a rock star? Wear some sequins. Do you want an extra boost of confidence and sparkle? Wear some sequins. Do you want to wear a piece of history that is one of the longest standing adornments on clothing? Wear some sequins.

King Tut wore them, generals of armies wore them, and so you can you.

So did Great Gatsby party goers…Dolly Parton… Beyoncé… and I think mermaids wear them, too…see how cool sequins are!

It’s kind of ironic. I can’t say I’m a super “girly girl”…but I LOVE me some sequins! My main reasons for wearing clothing with sequins are:

1. You can wear one piece of clothing embroidered with sequins, and your outfit is complete! They are unique, make a statement, and they shine brilliantly.

2. Sequins are whimsical, playful, and they exude confidence. It takes some style strength to wear them, and when you do, people notice and smile.


I love finding clothing that people otherwise see as dressy formal wear, and pairing it with casual pieces. This is how I wear sequined pieces and transition them into weekday wear. In my opinion it’s a new way of power dressing!

You need to keep it classy, and you must think outside the box when looking for these pieces at blue.  Approach your choices looking for a kooky flair. This is not an understated look. However, it can be polished and simplified!

It’s easy to achieve this look at blue because they source unique statement pieces, often vintage, that will help you get your rock star sparkle on! Take a look here at my blue boutique Pinterest board for ideas and inspiration on pairing your sequins with casual items.  http://www.pinterest.com/MegStyleCounsel/blue-goodwill-blog/





Here are a few tips:

  • Take a sequined skirt and wear a simple Henley or button down shirt – casual on the top, party on the bottom.
  • Wear a sequined top with a pair of jeans. Dress it down!
  • Throw a sequined jacket over a simple, cotton dress – think casual fabric for the dress.
  • And the last tip – wear this look on a Monday, give people a double take and bring some sparkle to their day. #whyNot


















Megan Dyer

The Style Counsel, LLC