What’s on my thrift wish list for Spring

Spring is in the air and it has me so excited for picnics, zoo days, grilling season, and sunshine.

I have a few items I’m hoping to score secondhand to make this a sustainable spring season, especially with Earth day right around the corner.

I love looking for planters and flower pots at the thrift store, I’ve scored some of my most unique ones secondhand. I love having a quirky succulent pot to liven up a space.

I’m also hoping to find some aesthetic laundry baskets maybe of the wicker persuasion. It’s a tall ask but if I’m patient I know I can find some.


Cookware is another thing to always shop for secondhand first because you’ll most likely find it. My hand-me-down tall stockpot developed a bow in the bottom so I’ve been on the hunt for one every time I thrift. Small appliances are also found in abundance at your local Goodwill, so before you spring for an air fryer or instant pot, check there first.

I’ve also got some trendy and classic items on clothing thrift wish list in the form of cowgirl boots (real leather is better), some flared jeans (never get rid of your jeans because they always come back in style), as well as some basic layering pieces and I always check the fall/winter boot section no matter the season.



Tips for keeping a thrift wish list:

• Keep it in your notes on your phone so it’s always there when you get inspired or realize there is something missing in your closet.
• I section mine off by category and i even keep a section for my mom, husband, and kids. You can never be too prepared.
• I keep measurements in with my list too so I never forget my husband’s suit size.

What’s on your thrift wish list this Spring?

Happy thrifting!

XOXO ~ Taylor