Y2K Trends I spotted at the Thrift

You’ve probably seen alllll the memes and video clips about Y2K fashion trends that have come back around. I was 10 in 2001 and there is so much nostalgia every time I go into any store. I was recently at the Medina Goodwill and found several items that gave me “the feels”. Let’s take a trip back in time, shall we?

1. Door Beads- can you hear the THWRAP THWRAP when you slammed the door (or even very gently closed the door? I actually kind of regret passing on these because I feel like they would be so cute in my daughters room over the closet opening some day. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for these in the future.



2. Trapper Keepers- I wasn’t sure if this was even a thing still. I’m pretty sure kids are bringing laptops to school at the age of 10 now. But listen. Trapper Keepers had it all and by the end of the school year you had most likely doodled ALL OVER IT and it looked like trash.



3. Boat shoes?? obsessed, even tho I am less than an average swimmer. This preppy trend was more like 2010 area but alas it brought back mems.



4. A tiny randomly shaped bag only large enough for the LG Cingular Wireless flip phone. Don’t get caught texting your crush at 10cents a pop or that bad boy was history you’re grounded!.




5. This color lime green. Why did it have such a hold on us? I painted my room this color in high school ((yikes)). With a husband in construction, this color is basically banned from entering my home. LOL



I hope you enjoyed this little 2000’s journey back in time!

XOXO ~ Taylor